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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 4, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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private individuals acting without government stores and will make the world a much better place. that is our show. i'm john stossel. good night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the political and media world reverberating with a shock wave of the romney victory in last night's presidential debate in denver. dominating throughout, governor romney may well have turned the race for the white house, an entirely new and unexpected direction. president obama is tonight seemingly less the object of sympathy than the target of harsh criticism from left wing of luminaries upset with his lackluster and at times seemingly detached performance. the new york times today wrote, there are two more chances for
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the president to change tactics were to at least show up to the debate. president xanax just doesn't cut it. the "washington post" has written, if the obama campaign was worried about them is being overconfident going into the final stretch, tonight should allay those fears. chris matthews wind, where was obama tonight? well, his nbc colleague ed schultz admitted he was absolutely stunned by the president's dismal performance. michael moore tweeted, is bill clinton coming into some? wakeup. john mccain. the republican national committee seized on governor romney's dominance in the evening sky and the president's principal reaction to that and entitled the smirk. >> the cut the deficit in half. four years later and we have a trillion dollar deficit.
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my view is we ought to provide tax relief to people in the middle class. the people who are having a hard time right now are middle income americans. under the president's policies middle income americans have been buried. there just being crushed. middle income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. at the same time gasoline prices have doubled. electric rates are up, food prices are up. if you're reelected we will get to a trillion dollar debt. you have said before you cut the debt in half. lou: and to post debate polls gave the debate to governor romney. by a huge margin. in fact, the biggest one in history according to one of those polls. the cbs poll showed that 42 percent called romney the victor with only 22 percent standing with the president. the same poll tells us that 63 percent now believe governor romney cares about their needs and problems. that is a 30% improvement since before the debate.
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the cnn polls showed an even more dramatic results. governor romney beating president obama by more than 30 points scoring a record 67 percent of as the winner. the first time a candidate has ever topped 60% in apple. the poll also showing 56 percent had changed their view of romney for the better since last night's debate. we will be taking all of that up here tonight with veteran campaign strategist and a former reagan political director ed rollins, a columnist and fox is political analyst ron williams and later author, former federal prosecutor andrew mccarthy. our next guest was in that debate spin room in denver last night. anchoring fox news coverage, joining us now, threadbare, the host a special report on the fox news channel. welcome. congratulations on another extraordinary evening for the fox news channel. >> thanks, lou. lou: let's start with your
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impressions, if we may, of the two men because it was -- i think most of us were a little surprised with the aggressiveness of governor romney and that seeming sort of hangdog continents of the president's in the lack of response to the governor. >> it was dark. in the first few minutes you could see the answer to the question, was governor romney going to come out on the offensive. was he going to be aggressive. he was. energetic, aggressive. he had a vigorous defense of free-market policy -- policy from the start and he also used personal stories along the campaign trail. you can tell that he really, really had his brief down, his practice with ohio center ron portman. and basically president obama dial the end, even his supporters looked at him and said, how can this be happening? when you heard a former vice president al gore today say --
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or last night say that it could have been the altitude in colorado, you knew that something was going south. lou: i mean, that is -- well, the former vice president given now to interesting comments in a but that was one of the more interesting of the day. it seemed the left was hell bent on rationalizing the failure of the president sign not even really, it seemed, any kind of competition with governor romney. what was -- what was the sense they're in this ben run? i'm dying to hear your comments on what you heard in the way in which these two camps were spending the evening. >> it was amazing. the debate ended. of fills up very quickly right afterwards, and we are in the middle of the post analysis show all of it was happening behind us as we were kind of providing our own assessment. we noticed that only four obama
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folks showed up in the room. meanwhile, romney had about 14 of 15. and the obama folks were there, axelrod and cover, messina. they were not telling a good story. they were saying that this doesn't -- this is not definitive. basically it's theatrics. some of this and talking points you heard today. the question is, what it means long-term. clearly the president has set the bar, the expectation is pretty low for debate. lou: and one could be forgiven for thinking that it was, perhaps, i wrote a dope strategy. over a longer time than most people would have expected. but given that, the way in which the left has responded your, i mean, they have been vicious to their own, their leader. this is supposed to be the great one. and he is being treated today, i think by the left in many cases far worse than he has been
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treated by anyone on the right. >> you're right. ms in b.c., it was quite something to watch some of that coverage. and today congressman rangel said that the president just looked bored, like he did not want to be present. you have people out there saying that. it's obviously not helpful to the campaign. the president tried to bounce back and a number of campaign stops. tried to make points. the question is whether he can bring that to the next debate. i also think it will be interesting to look at the vice-presidential debate which is actually the next debate. and whether joe biden feels like he has to compensate for what president obama did not bring to the first debate and whether that causes trouble because, you know, he on least and then say some things that also cause trouble for the obama campaign. lou: you just excited the nation . watching uni right now at the prospect of that. that can be glorious in so many
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different ways. that comes up next week. our coverage, as always. john kerry coached the president. rob portman coached the governor. we get the feeling that he will be back. carry remains an open question, doesn't it? >> i think the senator will still be the sparring partner from everything we're hearing from the obama folks. i talked to portman in the spin room for a while. and he said that we are not surprised. not one thing. the only thing that we are surprised that is what they didn't hear. know nothing of the 47% take, nothing of bain capital shimano attacks. they were surprised at how passive the president was, and he said frankly the president was not as good as me. lou: well, modest assessment,
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appropriately. a sparring partner should seek in some ways to emulate the real thing. sounds like he was on track. good to have you with this. thank you so much. as we mentioned. featuring the vice-president of contenders taking place next thursday in danville, kentucky. the day after president obama tried to recover cover romney reveling in a clear, decisive victory in last night's presidential debate. >> republicans and democrats both love america, but we need to have leaders. leaders in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or democrat. i've done it before now to begin lou: we will all that help on election day? fox news political analyst sorts it out. tensions high in the middle east.
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another deadly attack. the syrian civil war spiraling into a regional conflict. andrew mccarthy, author of spring fever with us tonight.
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♪ lou: in tonight's tech connect facebook getting a milestone with users not stock price. the social networking site topping a billion users, doubling the number since july
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of 2010. the company stock still trading well below the initial public offering price of $38. facebook today closing at $21.95 following a 2% in after hours trading. that fall contributed to on-line game maker which cut its outlook and brought down nearly 20% in after hours trading. in the moneyline tonight to markets finishing higher. could it be a romney rally? the dow jones industrials up 81 points almost. the s&p higher by tandem and nasdaq a 14. it could be coincidence, but financials moved higher after governor romney said he would repeal the dodd-frank financial reform law. bank of america, j.p. morgan, morgan stanley all up about two and a half%. health care stocks up after romney recommitted to repealing obamacare. leading the sector of more than 3 percent, and the governor's
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support giving the sector a lift today. up nearly 8%. alpha natural resources, peabody, consol energy also appeared on the date. the market could have been just reacting to a recent economic news, the jobless benefits of 3,607,000 last week. lower than estimates. one day before tomorrow's september unemployment report. factory orders came in better than forecast, but still fell more than 5%, the biggest decline in more than three years the kind of world we live in now, that was actually better than what had been expected. retail chain stores reporting september sales above wall street expectations. oil up more than 4% on middle east supply concerns. crew selling at 9171. gasoline prices in california reaching record highs due to fuel shortages caused by a pipeline shutdown. well, excuse me one second year. forgive me.
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president obama hitting the campaign trail today after his dismal debate performance. joining is now, let's get right to it. what is he going to do now? >> i think this is an interesting question. at the top of your show you talked about how the liberals are so upset with president obama, and i think that was actually a turning point in creating a consensus in america that romney somehow brought to the obama. it was not so much conservatives , and that the conservatives to think romney won, but it was liberals. everybody from michael more to build more up in arms with president obama, so they want him to go at pain before he's seventh person at the offshore accounts. lou: but you don't think that obama got his tail kicked? >> i think the debate was a draw or something like that. lou: that draw? [laughter] >> when i look at it. lou: i just got over that. i want you to know --
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>> don't spam me. lou: by the way, you're staring me. i can't believe that you, a practice to journalist of your stature watch that and somehow think it's a drop. >> what's interesting, was watching it, surrounded with the twitter thing and the blocking, and they all drove it. consensus in america is romney won. i agree. lou: shall i keep going. >> i agree with you. the liberals think he should have gotten down and dirty, but until you, if you look at the substance, romney, the tax plan. he says he is and have a tax plan. lou: jump in any time you feel like it. don't pull and obama on us. >> this was a slaughter. no disrespect to my friend. the president was not prepared for this debate. romney was on his a game. he ticket write to him, kept the issue about jobs in the economy which is what is critical here. he didn't for the first 45 minutes let up. he was very articulate. he looked presidential.
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half a billion dollars in negative advertising. what the mistakes, he looked presidential, and it's hard for anybody to believe he is is evil bogyman. i think it's -- i think to believe. lou: he just took that half a billion dollars and set it on fire. i mean, there is nothing left but the image of a strong, positive, absolutely effective communicator. the opposite of everything all that money had been spent. >> even though incumbent presidents don't do well, this performance was very, very bad for the president. i compare the the campaign i ran with ronald reagan had an off night, he was ten points ahead and basically went on to win by 18. he had a very strong second debate. lou: every candidate should try to emulate? >> my sense is this president came under attack on both his performance, his own performance , his policies, and the good thing is once again romney kept coming back. this is what you do to create jobs. it was almost editorial.
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lou: editorial. he took to school. and you really see this -- >> you mentioned tonight. i want to repeal the franc. he says medicare should be a voucher. the you think these are popular policies? president obama said if you have such great plans for what you're going to do to replace dodd-frank. >> don't keep a secret. he did not produce. lou: the only thing i actually heard the president's taken i did not hear him say what you just said, by the way. i heard and basically say that if you have a secret it because you don't want it to be heard because it's too good. >> i have heard debate contrivances like that tie just as you have over the course of our career. governor romney was hitting him with fact, programs, and he kept coming back to this $5 trillion tax cut. i can't find that anywhere. can you? >> she has been saying he wants to extend the bush tax cuts. he wants to give tax cuts to
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people over to -- 250. repeal the estate tax and he said he also wants to increase spending for the defense industry. so i don't -- it's right there. this is what he has been running on. he says this will spark economic revival. >> so we don't know is what the president will run on. lou: we do know. he has to run on his record. what he has done is not deliver on cutting the deficit. what he has done is create over $5 trillion in deficits. and a debt of $16 trillion in total. >> see him run his record. that is what he has done. lou: i want to understand something here. is there some way he doesn't run on his record? i'm sorry. >> for the last 20 muncie has been running and his record. lou: i'm not talking about that. i'm talking about right now. governor romney put him on his record, and that was his signature achievement. >> i promise you, what they will do, they're going to fire ever nuclear bomb they have. lou: had dirty.
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is that what you're saying? >> at the end of the day, the fact that the man stood on that stage and look presidential, performed at a high level, kept telling people is the economy. at a solution to fix it. what did they could agree with all the details are not is irrelevant. he came off as presidential. that is the test. 55 million people the watch that are open-minded, a basically benefited immensely 56 were talking about over 60 million people watching that debate. your tuchman 67 percent thought he won according to the cnn poll which is not exactly a ride -- >> that is the consensus. a lot of it was driven by the kind of twitter celebrity. and leftwingers for the most part who were saying they wanted obama to go at bain, the 47% issue, get dirty. as their advice to him. i will say this to you on the economy. consumer confidence right now is moving upward. how can he run on that record? he has americans right now feeling better about the economy than they have been sometime. lou: that's exciting.
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>> us the truth. >> we are an energized party. lou: we have -- i don't think we have agreement. you will have to go ahead and do this. up next, the recently discovered 2007 speech reveals a president who has not been really revealed before. was then senator obama from what was he doing? he actually told a group of black ministers things that just weren't true and did not tell them some things that were true. we will check it all in tonight's top talk. later, new developments for the man had in the killers of federal agents along the arizona border. the details ahead. email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day --
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lou: what's happening down in your list? where is your dollar? where is your stafford act money? it makes no sense. it tells me the bullet is not been taken out. it tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans don't care about as much. lou: they don't care about as much. those folks down in new orleans, implying because they're black. that the federal government, the rest of us, apparently, did not care about the folks in the once in 2005. that, of course, then senator barack obama talking on the fifth of june. in 2007, that video obviously very, very well documented.
10:26 pm
the current president's view before a mostly black audience of ministers that the country just doesn't care as much about our black citizens as we do other citizens, specifically knew well as residents. what i wanted to do tonight is but a few facts forward. get into the issue of all of the nonsense in. but faugh precisely what the aue said, and you decide why he chose to leave information out, why he did not tell them a number of things, why he did not tell them, for example, that less than two weeks before he gave that speech on the fifth of june that he, in fact, had not voted to rave the stafford act in question. on the 24th of may of that same year he voted against the waiver.
10:27 pm
which would, of course, have permitted no responsibility on the part of state and local governments to provide one out of every $10, as he was telling that audience. that vote, by the way, in the united states senate was 80-14. under the 14 but the name obama voting against. the waiver, it did not contain a timetable for withdrawal, and so the senator said he would not vote for it. but he did not tell those ministers that. and while we're on the issue of how much federal aid was doled out after disasters as the president was pointing out, talking about hurricane andrew, talk about september 11th, september 11th, congress passed a $20 billion, a $20 billion disaster relief measure, $20 billion.
10:28 pm
hurricane andrew. congress approved $11 billion in disaster relief for hurricane andrew. all right. 11 billion. for hurricane katrina the federal government committed more than $126 billion, $126 billion. and, yes to 100 percent of that aid is obligation free. no stafford law requirement for the local state government to put up 10 percent of that. 126 billion. typically the state picks up 25%. the actual cost of katrina's damage has been estimated variously between 96 to 125 billion. so senator obama was right. we did tree nor less differently
10:29 pm
, but unlike hurricane andrew and how we provided aid for less than half of the damages, and katrina we supplied money to account for 100 percent of the damages as they were estimated. you have to ask yourself why a man seeking the support of that group of ministers would make statements that did not provide full, the full scope of american generosity to all of our citizens. the fbi gets to benghazi three weeks after the september 11th terrorist attack. too bad the leaders, journalists , terrorists, and passers-by beat them to the scene. is the obama administration getting? author, former federal prosecutor andrew mccarthy joins us. it philadelphia, a high-school teacher makes a student go home because of a t-shirt. was the teacher acting in a
10:30 pm
medley? was she really acting? governor mitt romney -- >> people having a hard time right now. middle income americans and the president's policies middle income americans have been very -- did just been crushed. lou: the governor's performance change the outcome of this presidential election? the "a-team" is here with their debate reviews. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together that's a lot of work getting that one in! let's go see the birdies. [ male announcer ] one on one, sharing what you know. let's do it grandpa. that's why humana agents will sit down with you,
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lou: >> this comes under the heading of you're not going to believe this, and as trite as that may sound, my guess is you won't. fbi agents finally arrived at the u.s. consulate. more than three weeks after the terrorist attack in which four americans were killed, including our ambassador. then they left. they spent less than a day. my guest is here to sort out all
10:34 pm
that is happening in libya and washington d.c. as best we can understand him -- understand it. joining me now, andrew mccarthy, for protecting the federal prosecutor. he is also the author of the book spring fever, the illusion of is what democracy. but have you here. >> has to be here. thank you. lou: this is incredible. the fbi held up in tripoli for over three weeks. they get into benghazi. some have said as little as three hours on the so-called seen of that attack. and then depart. >> it is pointless to have the fbi tried to operate in any country where you either or both don't have a competent government that is actually cooperating with us. you know, if you have a situation like we had in saudi arabia, for example, after the cold war, we have a fairly competent government in its
10:35 pm
jurisdiction, but it has no interest in helping us to mothers no point in having people there. lou: which to be clear, that government did not cooperate. >> that's exactly right. if you have a situation like yemen after that call attack in 2000 or you have a country where the militias are actually started in the government is, you can't put people on the ground or you can't protect them. lou: but in libya ostensibly the libyan government is cooperating with the united states and yet we find suddenly that the fbi is not permitted to leave tripoli. >> what does it mean that there are cooperating? our facility that we had was not being protected by the government. it was being protected by a militia that was contacted by the government because they are not a competent government. we should not even have had a facility there. we don't have diplomatic facilities in places where we can protect.
10:36 pm
lou: and yet this administration persisted in insisting that the fbi go there. this is nothing more than a farce. and i want your professional judgment. this appears to be nothing more than a farce that the fbi would even show up three weeks after the band. and pretend to do forensic examination and investigation? >> first of all, this is a war crime, not a criminal investigation. secondly, there rate in the root of the courts is not run to benghazi, so to have them there when they're not really even during a criminal investigation, they don't come to anything to speak of is ridiculous. as i started saying two or three weeks ago when they started to say that we can't talk about what happened because of the investigation going on, you know, it was preposterous for them to say that even then because what you can't talk about in a criminal investigation is the grand jury. our grand jury does not tend to run their produce a that doesn't cover too much information. it really does, he to be cynical, but it does make you
10:37 pm
wonder, are we doing this? are we putting our people at risk in order to maintain this rate that we can't talk about what happened there? >> i'm not being cynical, but i am being skeptical. wind is the administration stonewalls and so many issues, whether we can go through a host of issues. lou: this terrorist attack which the president insisted are referring to as a spontaneous reaction to a 2-bit amateurish, cartoon video on the web of just about nine minutes in length, this is asinine. now using the fbi investigation as that wall from behind which they could stonewall any inquiry by the national media or congress. it is patently absurd. >> what they're trying to do, the president's policy is failure.
10:38 pm
a major error on our part possibly on the demonstration sport and what is happening now, if you had a choice between saying, some movie, and you're running for election in seven weeks or however many weeks it is at this point, what would you do? >> i was struck by secretary donald rumsfeld. all i can think of, we citizens pay these folks. the government rolls, not to do what they want, but to do what is the professional and proper evaluation of the facts as they find them. particularly when it comes to terrorists. we are living with an administration right now that is not being forthcoming with the
10:39 pm
reality. we have a secretary of state in assets to congress, white and so we get through with our little panel that we're putting together a which will take us well beyond the election, perhaps well beyond spring of next year. this is becoming a government oriented toward keeping america teeseven permission rather than sharing. >> the signature piece of legislation of the administration is obamacare, and it was written in a way that all of its consequences happened after the election, everything has been after the election. they don't want to be accountable for their policies. right now history has a way and events have away of undoing your tidy little arrangements, and that is overseeing in libya. lou: we thank you very much. and it's up on good to have you. up next, the indoctrination of
10:40 pm
america's youth taking a shocking turn in a philadelphia classroom. the story is next, and coming up here tomorrow, romney rally in the polls on wall street. a republican nominee just reset the race for president. former bush adviser karl rove, a former ceo director, daily beast national security correspondent who broke the benghazi terrorist attack story. they will be among our guests. they will be among our guests. we're coming rve lately.
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10:44 pm
the work of its teams. the performance. >> yes. who knew that governor romney had it in him. he came out. it was not even close. governor romney was absolutely spectacular last night. style and on substance. he was specific in terms of how he's going to turn the country around. lou: wait a minute. give us the grim first. give us the green and then look down. >> i will agree. on style the president was out maned last night by far. you have to remember that this is a tv show. on substance -- lou: which debate to you suppose that he was watching? preparation for this debate whatever romney. which debate comes to your mind when you think, looked down, smirk, grimace. don't look at your opponent.
10:45 pm
look beseechingly to a 78 year-old moderator to save you. >> i don't know what he was thinking. i don't know where he was last night. i don't know if he had too big of a dinner celebrate his anniversary. lou: what you don't know al gore does. let's hear. former vice president. >> obama arrived in denver at 2:00 p.m. today. just a few hours before the debate started. romney did his debate prep in denver. when you go to 5,000 feet and you only have a few hours to adjust, i don't know. lou: basically is a rendering here. by the way, did you notice he has not lost that deep side that got him into some much trouble. did that make you relive the moment? >> the denver marathon. lou: one thing is for sure, the former vice president has not
10:46 pm
acclimated to wherever he is. >> it's not like he's at 13,000 feet. i don't think that was the problem. lou: you have to -- what was the problem? and i have to say, i think it is really summed up in two words. governor romney. romney came in and showed him what anyone who wishes to debate must possess, aggressiveness, clear, clear minded focus on the facts, command of them. excuse me. let me -- forgive me, but neither of you are really equipped to be an arbiter of truth here. okay. really. i'm being quite serious. i'm looking at you. said more than once that you are a political strategist when the truth is irrelevant. >> how i'm going to give my span. lou: actually, i would love -- i
10:47 pm
would love just once or twice that they coincide. which, which -- what lie did president obama other? >> is not what president obama uttered. it's what mitt romney uttered. lou: actually, it isn't. both of them. one was true that one wasn't. >> one was like out to lunch or dinner. the other was there, but what he was saying was not true. lou: which was not true? which? >> well, that's the truth. schools are not number one in the country. president obama -- lou: what are they? >> i think there below ten. lou: your telling us you don't know where they are. of course you can't. if you're going to be the truth patrol you have to have the facts. >> the beautiful thing that he did tell the truth about is how he's going to turn medicare into a voucher program.
10:48 pm
he was honest about that. lou: okay. let me say something to you both , if i may. i appreciate your efforts, but i'm going to ask you to work yourself into a new state as we try to improve on that. and we're going to take a commercial break by which time our staff will tell you where massachusetts schools are right now. k-12. i know where one of the ms. we're coming right back with the "a-team." stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪
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de. ♪ lou: we are back with the "a-team." the brief time that you were away. the crack research team has come back with bad news. your first point about governor romney making that absurd claim in massachusetts was not number one, right? and here is the deal. according to the national education report card in the year 2012, are we ready? massachusetts is number one, number one. number one. that's right. >> not when he was governor, not when he was governor. when he was governor it worked. >> the point is he turned it around. >> i'm glad we're talking about
10:53 pm
his record as governor. i'm very happy with the job he did with health care. talk about that. lou: you know what, may be on your show, but on this one what we will talk about is how this translates to vote on november 6th because obama got his tail kicked, as i said earlier. what does this mean for the future? the future being defined as between now and november. >> the republicans had a mess of the enthusiasm that going into this first debate. a little bit of concern on the conservative side among the best that romney was not being tough and aggressive enough in taking it to barack obama. the polling was showing he was a head or at the very least the race was tight. what will happen now is the momentum is changing. i'm hearing from a lot of grass-roots folks from two parties, americans for prosperity, people on the ground doing the knocking on the doors and the phone banking and everything on behalf of the romney-ryan team. they're newly energized like going out there with a newfound energy backing their candidate. that is going to translate.
10:54 pm
>> the question is does he have the infrastructure and space to deal? i will admit it's like a big hit in football. it gets your team motivated and energized. conservatives around the country have been talking all day today. really happy about this, and democrats are down. it raises expectations. lou: do you really believe that obama can recover? there is implicit in this session that obama was this interested, detached, and in some ways not adequately prepared. what if, in fact, what you watched is one man who had a greater capacity and talent for debating and the other and no amount of prep we will change that. >> i think that he greatly underestimated his opponent. he played keep away. he played defense which is never a good thing, and he will come out swinging in the next debate which suits him better. the expectations are high for romney in the next debate, so it's going to have to perform equally as well. lou: do you agree?
10:55 pm
>> i think he's going to do better than he did in this debate court it will be much. lou: his own people has said that this president is not a great debater and that one of the greatest problems was to convince him he is not as good a debater as he thinks he is. it looks like governor romney has performed that task. >> governor brown the last night was so incredibly strong, and it was put into bold relief by the fact that obama was so weak. obama last i looked like he just was not into it. and what i mean by that -- >> select absolutely -- he did not look to interested detached. [talking over each other] >> column, cool, and collected. his style his entire career. lou: wait a minute. no drama obama. did you see the look he gave when he cut him off? excuse me. five seconds. and before. >> they both had moments where there were cutting off the moderator. let's be clear.
10:56 pm
he was no lou dobbs last night. if you would have moderated that debate -- [talking over each other] lou: let's be honest i am fair and balanced. [talking over each other] >> definitely. but, the problem was that obama simply did not pick up on openings that romney gave him. there was no aggressiveness or assertiveness, and that was surprising. people expected to hear some push back. lou: why would you expect that? the only person he has ever debated in his history is, as president or vying for the office of president and general election senator mccain who is one of the least articular people in politics. the other thing is, did you notice, did you notice that president obama had to look up that governor obama because he is taller? -- i mean governor romney.
10:57 pm
>> i don't know why he didn't mention the out of bailout, a lot of things. lou: because it's exciting stuff. we're going to leave that year. we will take it up after the show. really gets tough. hang onto it. up next, how president obama up next, how president obama turned him into a republican.
10:58 pm
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